Best Polytechnic Course, List of Polytechnic Courses after 10th in India

Best Polytechnic Course, Good Polytechnic Courses after 10th education

Polytechnic Courses in India - Few decades back, Polytechnic Course was launched in India with an intention to create a strong community of valuable engineers in the country, in fact it was not less than a miracle for us. There are numerous of courses which are aligned as a backbone of modern era. Nevertheless, Polytechnic diploma is being most preferred course among technical studies because of its core objective that implies to bring plethora of jobs opportunities in few fees.

However, in the initial stage the course was imparted by the either government colleges or government aided colleges only, but now-a-days there are so many Private Polytechnic Colleges in India which are offering Diploma Polytechnic. Well, after knowing the few significant details, we'll learn more about Polytechnic Course.

Fascinating Facts

Polytechnic Course boasts employment in many sectors like Automobile, Mechanical, Chemical, Footwear, Computer Science, Electronic gadgets, Information technology and other technical aspects. With these advantages, Polytechnic Course has been emerged the best course after 10th education. In the recent research, we have found that Polytechnic Course is growing steadily and this is available in almost every state of India.

What is Polytechnic Course? Know all about it

The Polytechnic or Diploma in Engineering is 3 year Jr. Engineering program / course provided by the Polytechnic College, is a highly worthful course which curriculum is designed to develop theoretical and practical knowledge. In short, the basic skills are required to obtain a job in the respective field can be learnt in the Polytechnic Course.

Major Polytechnic Courses offer the perfect set of engineering disciplines like Automobile Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Footwear technology and other. Below are popular Polytechnic Courses, and have been described in details.

List of the Best Polytechnic Courses – You need to know

Eventually, we're going to show you the good Polytechnic Courses in India, and letting you what will be functional area after earning diploma. Take a look to access suitable course which will help to get the clear picture to get admission.

Polytechnic Automobile Engineering: The vehicles are an integral part of our daily life, and we can't expect to travel quickly without it. So, Automobile engineering has become most shouted course in India to launch own career in Automobile Industry. Attaining Polytechnic Automobile Engineering offers study of vehicles part like design, manufacturing, maintenance and other elements. With the knowledge of automobile repairing/ maintenance the students can work as trainee in automobile company after getting depth knowledge students can work as Senior Automobile Engineer.

Polytechnic Computer Science Engineering: This is the discipline of Polytechnic that incorporates several computer science and electronics engineering required to develop computer hardware and software too. Thus, you can be eligible to work as Web Designer, Web Developer, and Programmer.

Polytechnic Civil Engineering: Insight this course, students are provided education about concrete structures, material testing, quality control, construction management and entrepreneurship, professional practice and many more.Once, you have done this course will be eligible to work as a civil engineer in the real state, government body like PDW and other.

Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is the branch of Polytechnic Course that offers a great foundation on design, development, and manufacturing the mechanical parts/system to make our life ease. After getting a diploma of the course you become a Mechanical Engineer. However, there are many reputed companies are hiring Mechanical Engineers so choosing this course would be a good decision to make a profitable career in Mechanical Engineering.

Polytechnic Electronic & Communication Engineering: In Polytechnic Electronic Engineering or Electronics and Communications Engineering Course, students learn about electronic & communication to develop, design, maintenance the electronic gadgets. The contribution of this science is enough to facilitate more useful devices like TV, Phone, Computer Screen, radio and many more. The requirements of the devices depict the career opportunities. In nutshell, there are wide scopes for the Electronic EngineeRs.

Polytechnic Electrical Engineering: This course commonly deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Being student of this branch you would learn many technologies which let you open the way to launch your career as Electrical Engineer.

Polytechnic in Information Technology (IT) : Often admission seekers try to find out the good course in Polytechnic to get soon job, Polytechnic in Information Technology is the profession sprang. It opens versatile job opportunities such as IT / Server administrator, network engineers and other great jobs in this field. That's why every year Polytechnic IT course is enormously opted by the aspirants.

Polytechnic AirCraft Maintenance Engineering: This is one of the expensive course in Polytechnic but gives a path to be a part of aviation industry like Spicejet, Air India (Dream big but do struggle accordingly).

Benefits of Polytechnic Courses

As we already said that Polytechnic education is really worth it, thus it becomes extremely career oriented course. Most of the candidates get selected in either in companies or government sectoRs. Whenever government announces vacancies for electrical, mechanical engineers, diploma holder candidates are given privileges in the name of seat reservation. Apart from it, the candidate who has done diploma in engineering can get B.Tech lateral entry Admission.

Course Tinkering

Want to change Polytechnic Branch? Check the way. Many students make a mess while ticking the course option during admission and later they sway towards an annoying situation after realizing what they have done the wrong thing by mistake so far. Since it's an obvious circumstance that normally occuRs. However, there's a great opportunity can be permitted by the institutions or college followed by state technical board's norm to change the branch of Polytechnic like if you've selected Polytechnic automobile and want to change this branch into Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering can be done now. Meanwhile, we highly recommend the candidates to check it with your admission department and your own faculty to further details because sometimes this exercise can create a hitch for you. An individual eligible candidate can leverage this facility after completing the first and second semester of Polytechnic Course.

Salary for Polytechnic Pass-outs

Getting salary end of the month for an employee does not surprise us because it's the right of every worker, but for the fresher or who don't know how much they will be paid salary after Polytechnic. To get the exact data can be opaque. Presently, Polytechnic is sheer enough to get you a job. However, multinational companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda, TCS, Ashok Leyland, and other national-level big companies offer job opportunities to the junior engineer (diploma holders). Below, we gonna make you understand by showing the tabular structure.

Job Types Fresher's Basic Salary
Automobile Engineer Rs. 8000-10000/-
Service Engineer Rs. 8500-11000/-
Quality Control Engineer Rs. 7500-10000/-
Mechanical Design Engineer Rs. 10000-13000/-
Design Engineer Rs. 10000-12500/-
Maintenance Engineer Rs. 8500-12000/-
Data Ware House Engineer Rs. 12000-15000/-
Electrical Engineer Rs. 9000-12500/-
Electronics Engineer Rs. 10000-12500/-
Production Technician Rs. 9000-15000/-
Network Engineer Rs. 10000-14500/-
Technical Sales Rs. 12000-15000/-
Lab Assistant Rs. 8000-10000/-
Service Desk Engineer Rs. 9000-11000/-
Production Supervisor Rs. 10000-12500/-
Trainee Diploma Engineer Rs. 7000-9000/-

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