Polytechnic Education in India 2024 - Advantages, History, Scope

Updated as on December 7, 2023 : In this article, we look at major essential points which proof that Polytechnic Education in India is the best programme for the candidate who seeks the way to become engineer in short span of time. Admittedly, it (Polytechnic) is a lucrative course that can be obtained after 10th education. So, it is advisable to any candidate must readout step-by-step described notations. Get started!

History of Polytechnic / Diploma

It is supposed to be remarkable achievements of every Indian for technical education because Polytechnic education was launched just after India's Freedom. In the initial stage, there were only few colleges. But now, India has more than 5 thousand Diploma Engineering Colleges (it's expected numbers of Polytechnic Colleges/Institutes).


The Polytechnic is a 2-3 Years recognized course by the state technical board of India which includes many branches like Automobile, Mechanical, electrical, electronic, Information Technology, computer science engineering and others, However, One of the features of doing polytechnic education is the programme is more emphasized on practical based learning training. In addition to academic knowledge, the Polytechnic also focuses the acquisition of certain skills like communication skills, personality development, and confidence building. In short, Polytechnic is a diploma based engineering programme which comprises huge branches (specializations). Even, Students may choose engineering and non-engineering stream in Polytechnic. Find the key highlights of Polytechnic Education.

Polytechnic is a diploma level 3 year program.

Polytechnic ensures job after obtaining the diploma from the board / college. Once, you have done diploma polytechnic can transform yourself toward employment.

Polytechnic course saves two years as well as fees of higher education like B.Tech / B.E.

Did you know?

As per the research, students having good marks in 10th/12th are tending to the Diploma Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering course. Diploma Computer Science engineering and Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering subjects are attracting learners towards themself.

Why Polytechnic Education?

The Polytechnic Courses is one of the best course for the aspirants who have been completed 10th education and want to do engineering course in a short time of period.

  1. Job oriented course.
  2. Minimum fees as compare to the other degree level course.
  3. Less duration defined for polytechnic (2 year and 3 year).

Job assurance

As above we've mentioned that Polytechnic is a right course and many government and private sectors hire junior engineers so no worry and do more study and be dedicated toward your education. You can get Job after getting Industrial knowledge. Internship is one the best medium to gain industrial skills.

Getting a Job is up to you. No struggle no Job, if you're willing to hard work then damn sure you'll get job because Polytechnic colleges are also playing vital role provide good education and also endeavor to make relationship with the companies for campus placement.

Turn to Next level higher B.Tech / B.E.

It is true that once students have done Polytechnic Course in Engineering they become eligible to apply Job but the candidate want to continue their education in degree level course can get B.Tech Admission.

Qualification required for Polytechnic Education

10th with 35% (ITI/12th)marks is minimum qualification for Polytechnic admission either in engineering or non engineering.

List of India's leading Polytechnic Colleges

Dr.  B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Technology
Calcutta Technical School , Kolkata
Jnan Chandra Ghosh Polytechnic , Kolkata
Government Polytechnic, Mumbai.
Government Polytechnic, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Government Polytechnic Nainital.
Government Polytechnic Nilokheri
Government Polytechnic Barabanki
Government Polytechnic, Nagpur
Government Polytechnic, Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir
Government Polytechnic Solapur
Pusa Polytechnic College, New Delhi
Sai Polytechnic College, Amritsar

Polytechnic FAQs
Your complete answer is here!

What is Polytechnic College?

The Polytechnic College can be explained like this the institution which offers Diploma Engineering / Polytechnic Engineering course with hands-on experience in the respective fields are called Polytechnic College. However, In India, the colleges are updating the way of learning. So that candidate can take drastic decision to bring disruptions.

What are the top Branches in Polytechnic?

There are few branches in the Polytechnic, namely Polytechnic Computer Engineering, Polytechnic Automobile Engineering, Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic Civil Engineering, Polytechnic electrical Engineering. If you want to know more check Polytechnic details that lets you know everything about Polytechnic.

Is Polytechnic in Diploma similar to Graduation course like B.Tech?

No, Polytechnic education is not similar to any degree level course like B.Tech, BCA, and others but yes you can go for B.Tech Course after completing Polytechnic Course. If you'll compare the Polytechnic with any graduation level course then any graduation based programme takes palce higher than any Diploma course. Sneak peek the below table for more declarations.

Diploma Course Graduation Course
To join Polytechnic Course, applicant's minimum education should be 10th. 12th is minimum qualification required to get admission in graduation level course.

Entrance Exam for Polytechnic Education

Yes, In order to Polytechnic Admission you need to appear Polytechnic entrance. It is conducted by state technical board. Click here to check India Polytechnic Entrance test.

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