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Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course is the best career-oriented among diploma engineering disciplines that prepare engineers to get employed in the electrical marketplace. However, it has infinite and never-ending career options. In the Polytechnic / Diploma Electrical Engineering program, prospective student expands their theoretical and practical knowledge of foundational engineering methodologies. The work areas for electrical engineers are divided into many fields for instance electronics, digital computers, computer engineering, power engineering, and telecommunications. This post lets you understand the Diploma Electrical Engineering program with the admission process, eligibility, course duration, and benefits of pursuing an electrical course in a diploma, read the step-by-step to know more coverage on this course.

Course Type
2-3 Years
10th/ITI/12th (P.C.M)
Admission Process
Direct / Entrance
Author | Updated on Jan 07, 2024

A perfect way to be introduced to Polytechnic Electrical Engineering is by reading this article which describes all aspects of electrical engineering education in the Diploma Polytechnic Course. Let's dive into this article.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?
  2. Why Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?
  3. What is Scope after Polytechnic Electrical Engineering?
  4. How much salary you can get after Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?
  5. How to find the Best Polytechnic Electrical Engineering College in India?

What is Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?

Polytechnic Diploma Electrical Engineering is a 3year professional diploma-based course that comprises 6 semesters for the first year and 4 semesters ( 2-year) for the lateral entry in which students get the opportunity to learn about electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, and its allied subjects. In the second word, this course is an electric paradigm in which the syllabus begins with an objective to impart the best standard education to the aspiring candidates. Nowadays, the electrical industry has covered almost every place and, is playing a vital role in the digital era to override the complexity. In the earlier stage, it (Polytechnic Electrical Engineering) was not much popular but after seeing the demand/growth in the digital industry, students are showing interest to pursue this course, and a huge rush was seen during the admission session.

In India, the Department of electrical engineering in the Polytechnic program has been established with varying intake capacity. However, an individual Polytechnic College can admit 60-120 (might be increased according to the policy) students in this branch.

If we talk about this overall course journey then it lets you study fundamental education of electrical engineering including theoretical and practical and given training to over the stipulated topics like design, equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control /communication, and others.

An Example of Well-equipped Laboratory

The facility should be available on the campus which is much required to prepare a good electrical engineer. Below is shown a list of the facilities that need to be offered to the learnings candidates.

  1. Practice Lab.
  2. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Lab
  3. Electrical Workshop
  4. Electrical Machine lab
  5. EMMI Lab.
  6. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Lab
  7. FOEE Lab (Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering)
  8. Microcontroller & PLC Lab
  9. Power System Lab
  10. Instrumentation Lab
  11. General Engineering lab

Why Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?

The simple and clear answer for the above question is that this is the course which ensures for immutable career, A well-qualified candidate can find many opportunities after earning a certificate in this branch even they can start their own business in the respective field. Although, once you have cleared this course can apply in broadcasting, telecom, recording Media Companies, and others.

What is Scope after Polytechnic Electrical Engineering?

However, for every digital/electrical device being operated by electricity in order to manufacture or maintenance these systems electrical engineers are required so doing the polytechnic in electrical engineering is the right judgment. Once the candidates accomplish the courses they can apply in government sectors in case you are not getting the job but nevertheless, you may start your own business for survival overall.

Diploma Electrical Engineering holders get hired by the following top companies

  1. Army
  2. Indian Air Force
  3. Indian Navy
  4. Samsung
  5. Infosys
  6. Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  7. NVidia, Motorola
  8. BHEL
  9. DRDO
  10. Wipro
  11. MTNL
  12. TCS
  13. Godrej
  14. LG
  15. Philips Electronics and many others

How Much Salary You Can Get After Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Course?

The salary range might be different according to the company status and required position but at the initial stage job seekers can get up to Rs.15000/- per month.

How to find the Best Polytechnic Electrical Engineering College in India?

Primarily, you need to seek the Polytechnic College which is capable to provide hands-on practical knowledge because it is an essential part of any technical education. We have discovered popular Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Colleges where you may apply for Admission.

Top Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Colleges in India Including Private College / Institutes

But before finding the colleges we recommend to know few important things about Polytechnic Electrical Engineering, so we go now, Polytechnic in Electrical is a subject of engineering that is imparted by the faculty of Electrical engineering. Currently, the Polytechnic electrical branch has come with the capability to establish careers of the aspirants later who can be able to win occurred challenges. As above, we have discussed career opportunities for the candidates who have already done their education from this branch. Well, Electrical subject/branch is being most popular in India there is the only reason behind it that is biggest chance to make a career either doing Job or starting own business. But, you need to pen down that this course is only the students who are good strong in Physics, Mathematics, and English too. Now come on to the real topic that is Top Polytechnic Engineering College including Top Private Polytechnic Diploma Electrical Engineering. For it, go through the given details/list and investigate the recommendations below.

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