Polytechnic Diploma Footwear Technology Course , Admission 2019 - 2020 , Eligibility and Jobs

If you have aspired to pursue Polytechnic Footwear Technology Course and  going to ingress for the foot wear course in diploma. At the initial stage, we would like to comprehend gradually its significance, job opportunity, salary, fees, duration, eligibility and courses.

Course Type
3 Years
Admission Process
Entrance / Direct

What is Diploma [Polytechnic] Footwear Technology Course?

Generally, we appreciate as a meaning of the foot wear that goods those are used to wearing in feet by men, women and kids like different type of shoes and slippers are called Foot Wear.  So, making career in the footwear industry might be good choice, we here explain about footwear technology course which is much better course that grants job.

Diploma Footwear Technology Course - A Foot wears technology deals with production, manufacturing of the boots and qualities while a foot wear designer deals with design to slipper / shoes. Under this course, candidates are imparted oriented experiences regarding colour selection, tailoring and sewing, knowledge about footwear components, dyes and production processes.

Frequently, the slippers or shoes are used to feet protection from heat on the ground and protection from pricking into feet with sharping objects. It is also used differently in varies customs and functions like on the occasion of wedding ceremony, birthday or any others.

In the second side, we can articulate that everyone has needed the foot wear goods in their life in order to protect their feet from heat and they also use it during attending in the varies programs that is also crucial for their life. 

Many elements like temperature, raw materials, lather, compounds, mold, the molding machine and sewing machine cooperate during the manufacturing or making of the boots and slippers. So that, we can say that a foot wear engineers are provided excellence experiences about all those sources that cooperate during manufacturing which is mandatory.  A foot wear designers are also provided exact knowingness about design to slipper/shoes.

All kinds of experiences and knowledge which are relevant to foot wear are provided under the foot wear courses.

Those candidates, who have been aspired to acquire perfect knowledge about preparation method of slipper or shoes, quality and production of the foot wear, can take admission for Foot Wear Technology College in India or abroad.


Candidates must have pass out standard 10+2 from science stream with minimum marks 50% which should be issued with any recognize board / versatile.

Fee Structure

Fees for this course are scheduled by the college management as it is varies for different foot wear Diploma College.

Course duration

The course is offered for 2 years.

Job opportunity

There is a huge job opportunity to aspirants in the field of foot wear industries as various shoes / slipper making companies are establish across India and abroad. After success fully completion of the course, aspirants can acquire good job in any shoes making industries and can also build their glorious career later.

Job Scopes

Its scopes are broad in India as several big to small foot wear industries have been founded in India and foreign. As you can comprehend that only foot wear company present all types of slipper/shoes to people due to its extensive scopes.it plays vital role in the field of foot wear industries.


Salary depends on candidate’s knowledge, skill, experience and organisations.

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