Sleeping less than 8 hours a night may increase risk of depression

sleeping less than 8 hours Risk Depression

NEW DELHI: Sleeping is essential to people in the night which is good for health but if you sleep more than need or less, it affects on health that is the cause of depression.

According to study, you have a habit of sleeping at night less than eight hours, it means, you are inviting depression and anxiety.
so, it is suggested you to leaving up such type of habit because sleeping less than eight hours is the risk of depression and anxiety.

Regular sleep disruptions can increase the difficulty in shifting attention away from negative thoughts.
While other people may be able to move on from their negative thoughts, people low on sleep can have trouble ignoring it.

For the study,  the researchers apprised the timing and duration of sleep in individuals with moderate to high levels of repetitive negative thoughts.

The timing and duration of sleep may also contribute to the development or maintenance of psychological disorders, a finding that could potentially allow psychologists to treat anxiety and depression by shifting patients’ sleep cycles to a healthier time or making it more likely a patient will sleep when they get in bed, the researchers said.