Rewari boy Avneet makes solar powered bike in Haryana; dreams to make solar car


NEW DELHI : The boy Avneet Kumar age of 13 year on Friday has made a solar powered bike in Haryana state.

Inhabitants of Haryana state Rewari  boy, Avneet said that after making a solar powered bike, he want to make a solar powered car that would cost lesser than Tata Nano car.

The solar powered bike which is made by Avneet, can be charged by Sunlight. The bike will be very effective and conducive for air pollution. The solar-powered bike will be excretion free which is good for environment.

Earlier, in an effort to reduce air pollution due to vehicular expelling in the country, scientists had designed a new solar-assisted bicycle that may prove to be a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to two wheeler motor vehicles, and may hit the market by next year.