PM Narendra Modi addresses rally today at Muzaffarpur, Bihar


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses   assembly  election rally today at  Muzaffarpur,  Bihar in where  he  concerns on Bihar’s critical situation.


He also says to people for casting their vote in favour of Bhartiya Janta Party that assembly election is going in fourth phase November 1, 2015.

Prime Minister narendra Modi addresses to people in Muzaffarpur rally to targeting on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav to hitting the critical situation of Bihar state.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi  has focused on some matters those are below:

#In, 2019, during the Lok Sabha elections, when I come back I will have to give account of work I did in 5 years.Congress has #ruled Bihar for 35 years, Lalu ji ruled for 15 years and Nitish Babu ruled for 10 years. Altogether, they have ruled for 60 years in Bihar. Have they given you account of their work last 60 years?

#Nitish Babu says that Modi is ‘Bahari’

#Do you call Sonia ji, who stays in Delhi,Bihari‘bahari’?

#The Congress ruled for 35 years, but they did nothing for development.

#Lalu ji  RJD supremo was fooling the people of Bihar. But, when the truth came forward, people of Bihar replaced Lalu ji with Nitish Kumar.

#Nitish Kumar could not give any work for poor people in state.

#government schools and government hospitals are essential for poor people in Bihar.