PM Modi reaches out to Opposition, says harmony is more important than rule


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that despite insults BR Ambedker faced a lot of problems in his lifetime. Dalit leader Doctor BR Ambedkar had gave a map for the Indian Constitution without any favour. PM Modi said that harmony is most important than majority rule.

PM Narendra Modi speeches on the occasion of constitution day and insists on ‘Ahinsa Parmo Dharma.`

He said that the ‘Idea of India’ is based on ‘Parmo Dharma`and ‘Sarv Dharma Sambhav’ including ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’.

None violence is our supreme duty. All the people who leave on the earth, they are our relative and they are equal for us. PM Modi said that all religions are also equal

PM Modi quotes former Chief Justice of India Justice Gajendra Gadkar as saying, “The Commission believes that, in a democratic country like India which is governed by a written Constitution, supremacy can be legitimately claimed only by the Constitution. It is the Constitution which is paramount, which is the law of laws, which confers on Parliament and the State Legislatures, the Executive and the Judiciary their respective powers, assigns to them their respective functions, and prescribes limitations within which they said powers and functions can be legitimately discharged.”