PC Bhim Sen Bassi removed from CIC candidate list


New Delhi :-Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sen Bassi’s name has been removed from the list of candidates for the post of Central Information Commissioner (CIC).

Police Commissioner Bassi’s name had come under fire for Delhi Police’s monitoring of the JNU incident and the slapping of anti-national charges against JNU Students Union president Kanhaiya Kumar.

Former Central Information Commissioner (CIC) Shailesh Gandhi had also objected to reported move to appoint Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sen Bassi as Information Commissioner saying he “appears to have acquiesced to an open subversion of two of the estates of our nation”.

Gandhi wrote a letter to Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha that selecting BS Bassi as Information Commissioner would be a “farce of the process”.
“There should be a glassy process for choosing an Information Commissioner in line with the spirit of the Right to Information Act. I ween that the final selection is a political decision as per the Act, but there should be a glassy process for short listing the panel to be presented to the selection committee,” Gandhi said.

“Former police officer Julio Ribeiro has said, ‘I would have arrested the lawyers from their homes at night. I would never condone such acts,’ and ‘I always had good opinion about Bassi. Unfortunately, circumstances have changed my opinion about him. He is angling for a post-retirement job’,” he said.

Shailesh Gandhi said if the government now selects him  as an Information Commissioner it would be “it will be  unfortunate  for democracy and people will believe that the denigration of the two estates of governance had the approval of the government.”