Our Movement is Non-Violent, Says Hardik Patel


NEW DELHI: 21 years old the short lived custody of Hardik Patel has triggered tension in Gujarat, with buses attack hearth in some elements of Ahmedabad and Surat, and a curfew declared during a few sections. “Our movement is non-violent, we have got not triggered any violence,” same mister Patel, who has emerged because the leader of an enormous movement by the Patels or Patedars, exacting reservation in government jobs and faculties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has drawn up peace in Gujarat, and same “violence doesn’t profit anybody.”

Mr Patel’s takeover of Ahmedabad was close to complete yesterday. He addressed lakhs of Patels, a historically affluent and powerful caste, at an enormous public ground within the heart of town, then declared a nonviolent resistance. At 9 pm, in what’s being seen as an enormous bloomer, he was light-emitting diode away by the police that conjointly used a lathi-charge to interrupt up the big crowd. Cases of combustion followed quickly in some neighbourhoods dominated by Patels. The police says mister Patel was removed as a result of he remained with supporters at the venue a lot of when permission for his rally had terminated.

Chief Minister Anandiben has already same that the Patels can’t be adscititious to the list of quite one hundred castes that presently get pleasure from quotas within the state. Gujarat, she has underlined, has already hit the cap of fifty reservations mandated by the Supreme Court.

The Patels, once wealthy farmers and traders, say that because they are largely self-employed, they are being excluded from the growth curve forged by the famous Gujarat model of development. Their youth needs medical and engineering degrees, they argue, and admission in colleges has become impossible because other castes in the “reserved” category get preference.