Kerala leader seeks antecedent bail in murder case


Kannur: Senior Kerala CPI-M leader P. Jayarajan, World Health Organization was questioned by the CBI last month has applied for Associate in nursing antecedent bail within the murder case of a RSS activist, aforesaid on Saturday. The bail application has been filed at a court in Tellichery and it’ll come back up for hearing on Monday.

Presently Jayarajan is in hospital under surgery treatment from Friday. He was questioned for over 4 hours by the Central Bureau of Investigation last month in reference to the murder of Kathirur Manoj last year.

The latest move came once four CPI-M staff was inactive by the CBI on Thursday.

62-years old Jayarajan, presently on bail within another murder case, is that the Kannur district secretary of the CPI-M and conjointly a former lawmaker.

Manoj, one amongst the individual’s suspect of creating Associate in nursing unsuccessful bid on the lifetime of Jayarajan in 1999, was attacked by a 7 member gang on September 1, 2014, in Kathirur close to Kannur.

His assailants 1st threw a bomb on the RSS activist`s vehicle and later hacked him to death.

Kerala Police probed the case that was later 200 to the CBI to seem into the conspiracy angle. So far, 20 individual shave been arraigned as suspect.