Heart Attack app to assist you for find nearest health care centres


NEW DELHI: Cardiological Society of India (CSI) on Saturday has announced the launch of an app with exact information which is relevant to heart attack that can assist people those are suffering from heart disease about the nearest health care centres/hospitals.

The app is known as “Heart Attack”  that would provide right information to patients with real time information in the respect of  the nearest hospital capable of immediate care.

Cardiological Society of India (CSI) has launched first time a Heart Attack App with the view of protection to patients from heart attack.

Harsh Vardhan who is Science and Technology Minister said, ‘’Delhi CSI is also launching a Heart Attack Registry (HAR), which will track these travel times and suggest improvements.”

“Heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases are now number one killer in India,” said Sundeep Mishra, Professor at All India Institutes of Medical Science (AIIMS).

While increased coronary care units and angioplasty in hospitals has helped during incidences of heart attacks, it has been noted that maximum benefit has happened when there is a systematic, organised network right from general physician, efficient ambulance service and advanced heart centres.

Delhi CSI is also making a  plan to launch such an organised network, through which a patient can be diagnosed early, transported fast to a “Heart Care” enabled hospital to undergo necessary treatments.