HDFC has launched an electronic will for Security


HDFC has launched as an electronic will for Security. It provides service to users very well. It is the best key of service. It works quickly and easily. HDFC completes the whole process within thirty to thirty five minutes just like electric current. This service came in India firstly. The service is completely confidential, and does not store any personal details. A will can be generated in the comfort and privacy of the customer’s home or office. This reliable. These services save our time and we take more than more benefit in less time. HDFC securities offers this service in collaboration with Will Jini, a legal partner, which assists individuals to write their personal “will” online in about 30 minutes without any phone calls or emails or meetings. Its service is completely automatic seamless. it is not based on any other service priciple.Using digital channels, HDFC securities is consistently looking at ways to enhance the overall customer experience, making every transaction process simpler, faster, and better,” Seem Dhru added. All an individual has to do is give a list of assets and to whom one would like to bequeath them to. This DIY service comes at an affordable cost of Rs 4,000 plus taxes with a guarantee of confidentiality of information.