Three fruits spread Nipah virus in the people, do not consume these


NEW DELHI: People of India are fright from Nipah Virus (NV) which has started from Kerala state and it has  touched in several states till now. It is a danger virus for those people who  presently consume these fruits like banana, date and mango.

High alert has been declared due to this danger infection and also alert to people in Delhi/NCR. It is believed that many people have lost their lives in Kerala that is cause of Nipah Virus. World Health Organisation (WHO) has proved the spreading and danger disease of Nipah .

This virus is founded in chiropteran’s strain. When the chiropteran consumes the fruits and gives up the waste part of the fruits and anyone contacts these things, it also affects any person or creatures. It transform in danger disease and thus people finally can loss their lives cause of this virus .

So, it is seriously suggested to all people that you do not eat these three fruits because virus can be remain in it.

At the present, there is no danger situation in Delhi with Nipah virus which has spread in Kerala.

According to Doctors, people should be alert from avoid to this virus in the view to safety. Those fruits which are exporting from Kerala, should not use as a diet. If you want to eat these fruits, consume it after wash. Mainly, you should not consume banana because Kerala exports banana in huge quantities in North India.

Symptom of Nipah virus:
Nipah virus in the men connected with encephalitis which is cause of brain swelling. Fever, headache, mental illusion and coma are major symptom of this virus.