Know about difference between Green and Black tea




NEW DELHI:We always sip tea but never endeavor to know about benefits or difference between black tea and green tea let’s know benefits of both black and green tea.

In the modern age, most of people like to sip tea after meal. Some of them people say that sipping tea is good for health, but sipping tea is a daily practice these days. There are two kinds of tea- black and green tea those comes from leaves of Camellia. There are a few differences between them due to their processing methods.

Green tea leaves are not fermented, but picked immediately dried after harvest. This makes them rich in EGCG, a popular antioxidant known for fighting cancer, cardiovascular conditions. Whereas black tea go through an oxidation process, called incentive.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, green tea is good for health and it brings physical fitness in human body. It also removes heat in summer. Tea lovers choose the right tea according to season. Mostly, people requirements green tea in summer season because it is unfermented.

We can improve our brain function and aid in loss weight by the help of green tea because the major active component and a excitement content have been included in green tea

But too much consumption at night can harm you, so limit your intake to 2-3 cups daily.
In the other hand, Black tea is considered to be an ideal drink in winter as it contains rich protein that aids in digestion as well as nourish and strengthen the body.