Difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack, All of you need to know

Difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack

NEW DELHI: There is a difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack which every people have needed to know relevant to both the cardiac arrest and the heart attack disease:

Cardiac arrest:
Large numbers of people are suffering from cardiac arrest nowadays that is dangerous for human life and it is also causes of death. so, first of all, we have needed to know about the cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a disease who comes to the body at the sudden without warning or symptoms.

When a person suffers from a cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating which ultimately causes leads to an obstacle in blood pumping. if the person does not go to any hospitals or doctors in order to instant treatment when the cardiac arrest touches the person, they can die within a minutes.

Heart attack:
Apart from Cardiac arrest, a large number of people are also suffering from the heart attack in India and abroad nowadays. So, we have also need to know relevant to heart attack disease
A heart attack happens when the blood clot blocks the blood flow to our heart which results in blockage to our artery.

As a result of this, the tissues in our body lose out oxygen which ultimately leads to death. You should keep in mind that heart attack symptoms can be spotted. Some of the symptoms are chest pain and sharp ache in our left arm.