Common reasons for unemployment after engineering course

Author yuvamind

I don’t know why people are spreading rumors about engineering education / course they are saying that this course has nothing remain. In fact, I have spotted people so many times while they were talking on engineering course they believe that if the aspirants’ pursue engineering they will spoil their career. But truth is different, according to my perception / experience, if you get education from the best institutions (your dedication also does matter) then nobody can stop you to become successful. You must check top engineering college in India according to 2018 ranking declared by the HRD of India. As we know that Engineer’s role is to innovate the new things or upgrade the functionality in the respective filed either mechanical, automobile or computer science or anything could be, I must tell you that engineer’s requirement is on pick so don’t worry about career or job opportunities. Know who’re responsible for unemployment after engineering course See why students are not getting job in India even they have done degree level engineering course. Parents – Every year lac of students are being pushed forcefully for engineering admission they want to see their child as an engineer whether he / she is not interested to do engineering course. Education Systems – In India, there are a lot more big infrastructures built-up for engineering colleges / universities but they are not well managed yet but government is trying to enhance the education systems. Students are witnessing that professors are not interested to teach students. If someone teaches the students the faculties are not enough updated so that they can not  provide latest technology based education among the aspirants.
Students – Student might be also responsible for unsuccessful career after engineering course either diploma or degree level course because students are being focused in the art of cracking the exam only rather than gaining knowledge for the opted course they burn extra energy it happens only during examination. However, all student are not same they understand their responsibility towards educations. Conclusion! Engineering course is only for the enthusiast candidates who are willing to learn extra ordinary and ready to innovate the something new or out of the box. I request to the parents don’t pressurize your child if they don’t want to purse engineering subjects. Related linksB.Tech Admission OpenDirect Engineering AdmissionDiploma Engineering AdmissionBCA AdmissionPolytechnic admission
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