Coffee consumption deducts risk of death in kidney disease patients


According to Portuguese experts, coffee consumption may increase life time and decrease the risk of death who are suffering from kidney disease. People who had the highest take of coffee had 24 per cent lower risks of dying, while those in the second, third fourth of caffeine consumption had 12 per cent and 22 per cent lower risk.

“These results show that advising patients with CKD to drink more caffeine may reduce their mortality. This would represent a simple, clinically beneficial, and inexpensive option,” said Miguel Bigotte Vieira from Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, in Portugal.

Around 2328 patients suffering from chronic kidney disease were examined for the study and it was concluded that the observational study cannot prove that caffeine deducts death in patients with CKD, but only suggests the possibility of its protective effect.

Coffee is also known as a stimulant and has long been lauded to have metabolism and stamina boosting properties. Coffee also comes packed with antioxidants and may help cut risks of depression and diabetes. So, we can say that coffee is the important factor who helps in enhancing of the people life time.

On the base of latest study,  scientists have discovered a certain bioactive substance called ‘cafestol’ that could help delay the onset of Type-2 diabetes and improve cell function and insulin sensitivity.