China export duplicate rice as a plastic in India


Duplicate rice that has been made by mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes and Chinese plastic. It looks same as natural rice that is grown everywhere in fields.

We cannot find out differences between natural rice and duplicate cooks easily but test of mixing rice is difference than natural rice.

Due to consuming such type of duplicate rice more than more people became victim of several diseases like gastritis and other stomach related diseases .
The same biotechnology system is used in producing some brands of pasta and other “noodle-like” foods we crave for and the earlier this is checked, the better for humanity’s existence.

This type of rice, investigations have proven are sold in China, India, Nepal and Singapore. But fears are the “plastic product” is in Africa, the largest consumer of Chinese products.

Consumers of the plastic rice in Kerala, Southern India stated that the plastic rice is indiscernible because they are mixed with the normal farm rice from China.

However, when cooked, it remains hard and forms a plastic sheath on the surface. This sheath, when burned with fire, burns exactly like plastic.