Boy‘s life saved after treatment following two car crashing


A boy is fighting for his life after medical treatment at the roadside after a serious struggle in the Black Country. He was thrown by unknown person from one of the vehicles and that time two-car crash in Hollyhedge Road, after 8.30pm last night.

He went into cardiac arrest and paramedics battled to revive him before he was taken to hospital in a critical condition.He alive 20 minutes of life-support at the scene and medical managed to restart his heart.

Another child and a woman those were travelling in the same car freed from the vehicle by fire crews and also received intensive roadside care.

The boy, believed to be the rear seat passenger, had been ejected from the vehicle and was in a serious condition. He rapidly deteriorated when ambulance staff arrived and sadly went into cardiac arrest. The medical team immediately commenced CPR and, after around 20 minutes of intense advanced life support, they managed to restart the his heart.”

Two other occupants from the overturned car, a woman and a second boy, were trapped in the wreckage. Ambulance staff worked with West Midlands Fire Service teams to extricate them.

A second boy, believed to be 12-years-old and the front seat passenger, sustained serious lower limb injuries and abdominal pain. He was given advanced pain relief to help stabilize his condition before ambulance staff worked to immobilize him to prevent further movement of his injured limbs. Hollyhedge Road was closed for several hours at the junction of Thursfield Road this evening.

West Midlands Police is appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the collision to call the 101 non-emergency numbers.