Bomb horror in Air India and Jet Airways at Delhi airport; got threat calls


New Delhi: According to the report, there was a bomb horror in two flights- Air India and Jet Airways going from Delhi to Kathamandu on Wednesday as the DCP of Airports got a threatening call.

According to reports, first threat call was received at 13:05 hours, second one at then 13:10 hours.

The caller identified as one Hafiz Azad speaking from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Jet Airways issued a statement saying that at least 122 guests and 7 fisherman members have been taken to a waiting area. Both the Jet Airways and the Air India flight are being entirely  searched by bomb squads

Today’s is the third incident in the past week  as on Saturday a GoAir flight from Bhubaneshwar for Mumbai was diverted to Nagpur for similar reasons.