Bihar Assembly Election 2015: RSS impact BJP candidates selection


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi declared in the regarding of candidates first list which was cleared on Tuesday for the beginning Bihar assembly polls 2015 on the basis of three highly classified surveys conducted by the central leadership of the BJP party and the RSS..

According to reference while two surveys were conducted by agencies outsourced by the central leadership, the third study was carried out by the RSS, the party’s parent organisation.

He also said,”The accommodation were kept secret and we got to know about them only at the central election committee meeting on Tuesday”.

“It was also possibly for the first time, that the Prime Minister appeared in the election committee meeting on account of the candidate’s selection for the assembly election.”

Nominees have focused on the backward caste and extremely backward caste votes by allotting about 45% tickets to people belonging to these categories. while  overall, 60% of the seats have gone to the BC, EBC, SC and ST candidates.

At the same time, the party has not ignored the upper caste members for they are considered to be the base of the BJP party in Bihar. It has given tickets to 19 candidates belonging to upper castes, which include 9 seats to Bhumihars, 6 to Rajputs, 2 to Brahmins and 2 to Kayasthas.

The list also suggests that the selection committee has maintained a regional balance in the distribution of seats. For instance, in Aurangabad district, which has remained by and large a Rajput bastion, it has fielded former state BJP president Gopal Narayan Singh from Nabinagar.

According to clue, Singh was disagree to contest the polls but the central leadership, particularly home minister Rajnath Singh, directed him to do so.

Similarly, the selection committee refused ticket to the sitting Lalan Kumar, BJP member from Tegra in Begusarai district, and replaced him with Ram Lakhan Singh, a strongman of the district, based on the recommendation of the survey reports.