Amla provides numerous benefits to people, boon for hair and beauty

Amla provides numerous benefits

NEW DELHI: Amla is a traditional and an ayurvedic healthy food that provides a numerous benefits to people, is also known as Indian gooseberry. It is very popular for Indian herbs and spices.

Apart from this attribute, it is also popular as an ayurvedic medicine that confers beneficial growth both the beauty and health.

Amla has several attributes which are useful for both the beauty and health benefits. Some are such diseases which could be cured by using amla fruit. The people consume it with different types like pickles, juice, dry or fresh fruit.

This Indian gooseberry is said to be a storehouse of health benefits that have the potential to not just cure the usual cold and throat infections but is also efficacious when it comes to beauty treatments.

Amla benefits have been given following:

  1. Amla cures mouth ulcers: we can cure mouth ulcers by consuming Amla juice in half cup water and gargle it.
  2. Amla ends cold and throat infections: Amla has capability to cure cold and sore throat too with a simple mixture due to Vitamin ‘C’ availability. You can consume two teaspoons each of amla powder with honey thrice a day. Thus people can get rid of cold and throat infection
  3. Anti-aging product: if people consume it on a regular basis, can help in getting a glowing skin, improved eye-sight and immune system.
  4. Shiny hair: It has surprising qualities to nourish hair and also prevent the greying of hair. This ayurvedic herb is a natural conditioner to get shiny hair and also enhances blood circulation in the scalp.