Railway passengers get insurance of Rs 10 lakh during online ticket booking


NEW DELHI: There are several attestations in India where railway passengers are facing a lot of difficulties during their journey due to lack of proper information relevant to the journey. It has been seen that sometimes they also get harassed by the cheater who takes advantage their ignorance.

Indian Railways from time to time has changed its rules and regulations in order to benefit the passengers.

Know your rights:

• Railways have evolved a travel insurance cover up of up to Rs 10 lakh during online ticket booking.
• Tickets will only be issued to confirmed and RAC passengers. One gets an option while booking a ticket online, whether they want to book the ticket only if it is confirmed.
• There are times when the passengers need to postpone their work. For that, Railways has a solution. One can postpone his/her journey on confirmed tickets.
• There is one compartment in every passenger train which is earmarked for ladies only. Besides that, there are some berths or seats allocated to women in sleeper and second class.
• Boys under the age of 12 years can travel in a ladies coach with relatives or friends.
• If someone has lost their ticket or cannot access the e-ticket/ message/ counter ticket, then there is no need to panic. they can simply show an original and valid ID proof to the traveling ticket examiner. In some cases, an extra amount of Rs 50 can be charged to issue a duplicate ticket.