Zilla Parishad polls shows BJP losing ground between Maharashtra voters


Mumbai : The recently control Zilla Parishad polls in Bhandara and Gondia districts of Maharashtra  indicates that the BJP is losing ground among voters within the state, whereas the performance of Congress and NCP, that were decimated within the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, has improved.

The Nationalist Congress Party diode by Sharad Pawar has emerged because the strongest party within the Gondia ZP poll when it won twenty seats, followed by the Congress that won sixteen. In Gondia, NCP has gained seven and therefore the Congress has gained half-dozen seats this point. In 2010, NCP had won (13) seats out of total(53) whereas the Congress had (10)members.

The BJP numbers have declined from twenty seven to (17) seats, thereby losing out on (10) seats. Knife Sena couldn’t win even one seat in Gondia ZP election. In 2010 poll, Sena had won one seat.

In the Bhandara ZP poll, Congress won the utmost seats (19) out of a complete 52 seats. In 2010, Congress had won (11) seats, thereby a gain of (08) seats within the recently control election. NCP won (15) seats. In 2010, NCP had five members in Bhandara ZP. BJP lost (12) seats this point as compared to the previous poll of 2010. 5 years back, it had (25) members however currently it may manage solely 13.

The knife Sena, that had 2 members in 2010, lost one seat within the 2015 poll. The Opposition took the results as a chance to require potshots at the ruling alliance and aforementioned that the dearth of any firm stands by the BJP-led regime on the problem of farmers’ suicides is liable for its lackluster performance within the ZP polls.

“We are incessantly stern that government waives farm loans, however the govt is functioning against farmers. The unrest against the ruling BJP is mirrored in Bhandara and Gondia and this can be solely the beginning of BJP’s decline,” state Congress President Ashok Chavan aforementioned.