Best yoga exercises for asthma relief


NEW DELHI: We can be free from Asthma disease by the help of the best Yoga exercise. During the attack by asthma, you feel just like problem of gasping in case of breathing and also feel that you are not getting enough air for breath in your lungs.

Asthma is a circumstance that causes difficulty with breathing. During an asthma attack, your airways become swollen or inflamed, and thicker mucus is produced, resulting in coughing, wheezing breathlessness and difficulty breathing.

Although, asthma is a long-term disease and it has no treatment. The best way to avoid an asthma attack is to make sure your symptoms are well-controlled in the first place. Besides taking medications, avoiding triggers is one of the important steps in holding back an asthma attack.
Yoga exercise, which has been performed in India of many years, is believed to be helpful in the treatment of asthma. We can say that Yoga exercise is the best option for preventing by asthma attack.