World Water Day 2018: Know significance and facts of water

World Water Day 2018: Know significance and facts of water

NEW DELHI: The World water Day 2018 is being celebrated on March 22 (Thursday) to aiming highlight on the significance of water. Water is the prominent source for all the living creatures which had been started from ocean. We all living creatures can’t live without water. In the other words, we can say that water is our life. So, all of us have duty to save water and use it  according to need.

Apart from our life including all insects from smaller to bigger, it also helps in the field of producing different types of crops and industrial products. Water is as important as Oxygen for our survival on this earth. Two thirds of earth’s surface is covered by water and its clear that water is one of the major factors of life on earth.

About water:
1. India’s current water requirement is estimated to be around 1,100 billion cubic metres per year, which is projected to touch 1,447 billion cubic metres by 2050.
2. According to the U.N., 2.1 billion people don’t have safe drinking water at home.
3. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, according to The United States Geological Survey Water Science School.
4. And only 0.001% of all our water is in the atmosphere.
5. As much as 71% of the world’s natural wetlands have been lost since 1900—and its humans’ fault.
6. Over 80% of society’s dirty wastewater flows back into the environment without treatment or reuse.
7. Of the world’s total freshwater, 69% is frozen in ice and glaciers and another 30% is in the ground.
8. There are 663 million people who live without a safe water supply close to home
9. The world’s total water supply equates to 332.5 million cubic miles.
10. Oceans hold around 97% of all Earth’s water, which means all but about 3% of our water is saline.