Women Safety Mobile App “Himmat” has Launched by Rajnath Singh


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday  launched India’s initial integrated mobile application for ladies safety known as ‘Himmat’, within the presence of Delhi Commissioner B.S. Bassi and Delhi’s elected official Najeeb Jung.

“The ‘Himmat’ application can strengthen ladies safety. Whosoever can transfer this good phone-based application will alert the police within the hour of would like by either shaking the phone or pressing the ability button double,” same Bassi.

“It is directly connected to the Police room and that they can get a sign at once. at the moment the placement are often derived and can be updated each 10 seconds,” he added.

Hoping that most range of ladies can transfer this application, B.S. Bassi said, “This is India’s initial official integrated application for ladies safety.”

The app has been designed keeping in mind the security of ladies.