Tips to keep hair healthy and shinning

It is incomplete without mention of the hair appears to praise as feminine. Yes! Hair is an important part of our life. Hair play the important role in increases 90% attraction of men and women. When the lifeless, two Munhen and become vulnerable to take the beauty away. Hair lean not to get rid of these problems are many measures. But do not get the result as you want. Domestic measures are missing.

If your hair is more oily – then use mil conditioner and shampoo to wash them.
• Green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits includes in your food. This gives nutrition to hair.
• If you color your hair, regularly or too fast, then do it periodically and also use henna and amla powder.
Half T – cup of curd mixed with a little lemon juice find head. About 15 minutes after fitted wash your hair. This glow your hair and dandruff is removed from your hair

Know how to keep healthy
We try to get nutrition from juice and bottle liquid. But, by them we get nutrition as well as fatty acid.