Talent Shortage 2016: Employers face difficulty in Hiring for top job


According to global staffing solutions provider Manpower Group, about 48 per cent of employers in India report difficulty in filling jobs due to talent shortage. In comparison, the global average is 40 per cent.

The maximum talent shortage is in IT and accounting and finance sectors in India, says AG Rao, group managing director of ManpowerGroup India.

“The number of people entering the job pool is adequate. But the way the financial systems are changing and way the tech is being adopted in the industry the people are yet to catch up in terms of right skills,” he told NDTV .
The nature of business is changing and the pace at which it is changing is leading to talent shortage, he said.

Mr Rao said that many companies are focusing on reskilling of employees in India but “there is still a catch-up game going on”.

Top jobs in India have been given below where employers are facing talent shortage:

  • IT Personnel
  • Accounting & finance staff
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives & Customer Support
  • Technicians
  • Quality Controllers
  • Buying & Procurement staff