St Stephen’s professor rejected bail in sexual molestation case


A Delhi court rejected the firstly bail application of a St Stephen’s professor guilty of sexually molestation with a student of the St Stephen’s college on Tuesday.

Police had registered an FIR against the chemistry professor on June 19 for sexual molest. In her complaint, the student also guilty principal named Valson Thampu of trying to silence the matter and ‘intimidate’ her into withdrawing her complaint.

Pointing out that he couldn’t have molested and stalked her as he was 85% physically handicapped and had need walked with the help of a stick. He also said there was no need to arrest him as he was willing to join the investigation.

Opposing bail, public complainant RK Tanwar told the professor had already tampered with evidence with the help of the principal and had attempted to rape the girl.

He also mentioned the principal’s statements had forced the girl to give in writing that she did not want to go after the matter.