The secret service job scam,dreams of youths end


21-years-old Harsh S Nayar from Rajkot who was jobless after completion of college degree, wanted to government job. After finishing the B Com, he saw a advertisement in Sandesh newspaper about the offering of ‘Indian government Secret Service’, he thought he had found his calling

He called the phone number in the advertisement and within days, received an appointment letter on an MHA letterhead with the stamp of an Ashoka emblem. Harsh was asked to deposit Rs 35,000 and reach Delhi to report at the Ministry of Home Affairs.
When he packed his bags and left for Delhi, he did not know he had been conned by two men, who release such advertisement across the country, promising jobs and fleeing with the security deposit.

The Delhi Police crime branch arrested two people named Arjun and Suresh, for saying fraud people from towns of Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and UP, on the pretext of offering them government jobs.
Just like Harsh, the gang had promised over 200 persons jobs, who contacted them after reading their ads in the paper, with the Defence Ministry, BCCI, Ministry of Home Affairs and other government departments. The police have recovered over 190 speed post receipts of the fraud appointment letters.

“I was a fool to have believed them. The men said they were from the ministry and asked me to deposit a sum of Rs 16,000 as processing fee in their account. Later, I again got a call. They asked me to deposit a sum of Rs 19,000 for my medical before attending the training on September 6. I did as instructed,” said Harsh.

On a letterhead of the Department of India Welfare Association under MHA, the job offer said he had been selected for the ‘secret services’. His contract would be for six months and that he would be paid Rs 32,500 per month.

Investigators say that for each letter, the con men would change the seal on top of the appointment letter. The two had procured seals of all ministries. They had also prepared fake official letterheads on which the letter was drafted.
When Harsh reached Delhi and tried to call them, their phone was switched off. Harsh then went directly to the address mentioned in his ‘appointment letter’.