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Kyo 2 Stroke Engine K Bajay 4 Strke Engine Achha Mileage Deta H ?

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Question was asked by Robin Yadav On 29 April, 2018

Mujhe iske bare m nhi pta kya mujhe koi madad milegi

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Re: Kyo 2 stroke engine k bajay 4 strke engine Achha mileage deta h ?


Answered by Chandraket Kumar On 30 April, 2018

In Two stroke:-  2 stroke cycle engine me 2 stroke ek bar me complete hota i.e suction, compression   or second stroke me i.e Power and exhoust hota isse fuel waste hota hai

In Four Stroke:- 4 stroke engine me step by step stroke process hota i.e suction, compression, power, exhoust isme fule waste nhi hota, wasted fuel recycle ho jata hai 

Campare to 2 stroke engine k bajay 4 stroke engine achha hota hai or mileage bhi achha hota hai