Pune’s Ramesh swimmer creates world record by double-crossing Bangla Channel

Pune’s Ramesh swimmer creates world record

NEW DELHI: 17-year-old swimmer Sampanna Ramesh Shelar from Pune who has created a world record on April 13 (Friday) as getting first position in swimming by double crossing Bangla Channel.

Shelar became the first person in the world to double cross Bangla Channel in swim from Saint Martin’s Island Jetty to Teknaf in Bangladesh which is also known as the Bangla Channel.

After achieving the feat, Shelar is now planning to participate in the upcoming swimming competition. “I now eye the upcoming competition to be held in Bhagirathi River for 81 km,” Shelar said.

Pune based Shelar began swimming at about 5 am on Friday and completed the journey of 32.2 kilometers in 9 hours and 10 minutes. “It is my first international solo ocean event. I shall give the entire credit to my coach Jitendra Khasnin,” he added.

Swimmer Ramesh stated that he faced difficulties during the over 9-hour-long journey. He said, “the two main problems that I faced were the fishes and high tides. When I was close to ending my swim high tides started coming and they blocked my way for a long time.”

Shelar’s coach Jitendra Khasnin, who has been training him since he was 13 years old, expressed curiosity on his student’s achievement and said, “He started with 40 km/hour speed at Gujarat where he had set a national record. It is easy to go into the sea but difficult to come back due to high tides,” Jitendra said.

Shelar has been practising at Shark Aquatic Clubwhich is situated at Pune and this is his maiden international record.