Provident Fund withdrawal allowed for housing, health


NEW DELHI: The labour ministry on Monday comforted the planned restriction on withdrawal of contribution to the employees’ provident fund.
It said withdrawal can be allowed for housing, major medical treatment for self and family members, medical, dental and engineering education of children, and for their marriage.

The facilities has also been extended to members who have appeared an establishment belonging to under the central or state government, and become a member of contributory PF or old age pension. These will be implement from August 2016.
The amendments were made after labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya received representations from trade unions.

A government said the ministry had decided to pay the full accumulations to the credit of a member, including interest up to the date of payment, if he or she fulfils any of the above-mentioned conditions. In February, the ministry had said PF subscribers would not be able to withdraw their provident fund after attaining the age of 54 years, and will have to wait till they are 58 years old.