PM Narendra Modi’s Dussehra speech at Aishbagh Maidan,Lucknow


LUCKNOW: On the occasion of Dussehra festival, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his though by speech on Tuesday at Aishbagh Maidan in Lucknow. In his over 25 minutes speech PM Modi said that terror was the biggest enemy of humanity and called upon the world community to speak in one voice against the menace to put an end to it. All of us should take a big vow to completely end to terrorists.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Dussehra speech HIGHLIGHTS:

  •  Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared the historic Ramlila celebrations here where he launched a veiled attack on Pakistan
  • PM Modi said Communalism, casteism, nepotism are forms of evil inside us, need to get rid of these ‘Ravanas’.
  • PM Modi stated the world was late in recognising terrorism.Terming it as enemy of humanity, Modi asked people to stand united in the fight against terrorism.
  • “The girl child has left a mark in every area, from studies to sports. Saluting their accomplishments on International Day of the Girl Child.
  • He also said, “You can’t be Ram, but be the Jatayu who put up the first resistance to Ravana (terror). Fits in with his larger message of being alert towards terror. Exhorted society to make Dussehra a daily war to fight evils within.”
  •  Prime Minister  asked his political opponents not to play politics with terrorism, and not challenge the government’s stand in Indo-Pak matters.
  •  Modi then shifted gears to poverty, illiteracy and said that we get rid of these social evils.
  •  We cannot save humanity unless we fight terrorism and terrorists, he concluded.