PM Modi government to recruit 2.2 lakh people as Central employees


New Delhi: in fact, It is a great attractive and gladness news for all people who have desire to getting Central government jobs.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is agree to provide Central government jobs to 2.2 lakh people who want to get government jobs. According to PM Modi, ‘Achhe din’ have come nowadays for people.

According to report, this recruitment of 2.2 lakh people in Central government jobs will be implemented in a period of 2 years from March 1, 2015.
Noteworthy, employment was one of the core poll promises made by PM Narendra Modi when he was campaigning for Lok Sabha elections.

The Central government’s actual staff on March 1, 2015 was 33.05 lakh, which increased to 34.93 lakh in 2016 and is estimated to grow to 35.23 lakh by March 1, 2017
The biggest increase of 70,000 is expected to take place in the revenue department which comprises income tax and customs and excise.