NSTI begins a short course with low coding: Know its importance


The National Skill Training Institute (NSTI) signed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in January 2019 under the guidance of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship with software company namely Zoho with the purpose to provide a 6-day course (short course) including 12 hours to soft skills training.

In the course, candidates are learned to use the Zoho Creator which is a low-code programming platform to construct applications. Experience to create apps will be also provided to students by NSTI with an objective to facing any programming difficulties easily.
Zoho is one of the world’s largest software companies a renowned for ‘Centre of Excellence’ has also facilitated a classroom with modern infrastructure to students at the Guindy campus.
It has established a user base of over 40 million and with 40+ applications covering in the field of sales, marketing, customer support and accounting.

Currently, India is interacting with Hyther Nizam to knowingness about the importance of low-code programming and its role in the business sector or industries, as well as India, is also ardent to understand how it will be used. Nizam is the Vice President of the Product Management at Zoho.

The significance of low code in the modern age:
“As technology has been played a vital role consistently in the business, we as consumers have higher expectations out of businesses. Application development trends have shown that speed and innovation are now crucial to a business’ success,” says Nizam.
“Where traditional development methods are rigid, complex and time-consuming, low-code tools are dynamic, flexible and drastically reduce the time required to develop and deploy enterprise applications. This has made them an essential tool for every business,” he adds.
“Zoho Creator is a leading cloud-based application development tool currently used by over six million users across the world, which includes individual developers, SMEs and enterprise customers,” explains Nizam.

Low-code programming assists students to build a career:
The short course on application development at NSTI has been started on the basis of the latest requirement of the industries in the country and abroad.
“Students will be introduced to concepts such as requirement analysis, visual interface design, usability improvement, process mapping and testing.

After concluding the curriculum, students will get a certificate which is issued by Zoho and NSTI.
“The certification will be globally recognized, opening up gainful employment opportunities for the students,” says Nizam.