Neem leaves are more beneficent for health; know its benefits


NEW DELHI: Neem tree has a huge importance in the traditional culture of India, who provides many advantages all of us. If you chew a handful neem leaves regularly, your more than more disease can be escaped away from your life.

In the other words, we can say that neem tree or each part of neem has a major role for our health who protect from various disease.  As We have all heard from our parents, grandfather, and grandmother about the advantages and features of neem.

Each part of the tree such as leaves, twigs, bark, seeds, root, fruits or flowers, is used in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for multiple issues ranging from inflammation, fever infection, skin disease and dental disorders.

Neem is perfect with antibacterial, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, antimalarial, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, which is used as a remedy for almost all your health concerns.

Many of People still throw a bunch of leaves near the bed of a flu-infected patient with the view of faith that the air that crosses the neem leaf is filtered by disease-causing bacteria and virus. Several people grow the neem plant near their door and also sleep under the neem tree.
According to Ayurveda, Chewing neem leaves can also nourish our hair and treat headaches.

The list of Neem leaves advantages have been given following:
1. Skin: Consuming neem leaves can remove toxins, and purify blood to give us a clearer skin. Neem leaves have strong anti-bacterial properties which work wonders for infections, burns and any kind of skin problems. While a paste of neem leaves and turmeric can be used for treating insect bites, itching, eczema, ringworms and some mild skin diseases.

2. Hair Nourishing: Chewing neem leaves is more beneficent for our hair nourishing. Neem leaves also stimulate healthy cell division and support hair follicle growth around your scalp region. Washing your hair with boiled neem water has been a traditional method to combat dandruff and undernourished, damaged hair.

3. Eyes: Ayurveda also clears how neem leaves can be good for the eyes. Chewing neem can improve your vision. To treat any kind of irritation, tiredness or redness you can also boil some neem leaves, let the water cool completely and then use it to wash your eyes.

4. Immune System: Rich in antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant properties, chewing neem leaves can prove very effective in strengthening your immune system.
Leaves can prevent the damage caused by free radicals, thereby bringing down the risk of many diseases ranging from common flu to cancer or heart disease.

5. Digestion: Neem leaves are excellent for your liver, which automatically enhances your digestion. Apart from this, consuming neem on a daily basis also destroys excess bacteria in the intestinal region and cleanses your colon,

6. Oral Health: Chewing neem leaves can bring forth multiple dental and oral benefits. Neem being antibacterial in nature fights germs and maintains the alkaline level of our saliva. It is also effective against plaque formation and gum infections.

Suggestion: it is suggested to all pregnant women, who cross from the fourth or fifth month of their pregnancy, should not use neem leaves or twigs during pregnancy period.