‘MSG’ movie of Ram Rahim release among Act 144


After a lot of controversy, Dera sacha sauda ‘s major Gurmit movie of Ram Rahim MSG is releasing over all the country on about 4000 screen on Friday in Haryana. Act 144 is alert in Haryana for the view of piece full situation.

A large number of Ram Rahim’s followers reached for exclusive premier of movie in select citywock, chandigarh at Thursday night. Students came to wear synthetic angel due to regarding their teacher.

Police administration is being waiting for Ram Rahim movie up to hours inside Mall. Again, Dera’s major reached to wearing lighting T-shirt inside the Mall.

He wanted to come inside the Mall to take modified bike but police forbade him before it. This movie of Ram Rahim was begun by the name of MSG –messenger of God through Dera sacha Sauda’s prime Gurmit.

But this has changed in to MSG –the messenger now. Sikh organization is against to releasing this movie in Chandigarh and Haryana.