Movie Dilwale: Rohit Shetty defines 8 important logic


MUMBAI: Rohit Shetty is an Indian film director and cinematographer who have made his film career out of defying logic and gravity. He starts with illogical situations, adds mindless jokes to them and then distract people with burst and cartwheeling cars.

But while you look at the sum of these parts, the film itself, you come up with blockbusters like Chennai Express and the Golmaal franchise. He makes them for people who watch them.

But that is the thing with formulas – they fail soon enough. Dilwale , to put it humbly, is an epic fail. The movie is so laughable and dumb, that even Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol cannot rescue it.

The movie made at the value of Rs 100 crore, it has emerged below par at the ticket windows. Before you complain the political protests for the fiasco Mr Shetty, let us point to the real issue – the film is a disaster.