Minor girl gang-raped by army men on Howrah-Amritsar Express


According to the police report, a group of drinker army men gang-raped a 14-year-old Kolkata girl on board the Howrah-Amritsar Express on Monday after enforcing her to drink alcohol.

According to the Sources the 14 years old girl, a resident of Kolkata, boarded the Punjab-bound train at Howrah on Sunday but she entered the coach reserved for army men l by mistake.

One of the army got her drunk and after then two others raped her when she went to the bathroom.
Social workers got her in unconscious condition on the train when it stopped in Jharkhand’s Madhupur station.

“We have arrested one jawan named Mandreesh Tripathi who had offered liquor to the minor girl,” said GRP’s officer in-charge, Arjun Tiwari. Sources said Tripathi has confessed he forced the minor to drink.