Lohri festival 2018: Lohri festival celebrates in Northern India today, Know its significance

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NEW DELHI: The festival of Lohri 2018 is going to celebrate on January 13 (Saturday) in northern India. It falls a day before of Makar Sankranti festival that marks the beginning of the summer months. The Lohri marks the starting of the harvest season.

It is celebrated on the occasion of rabi crop which begins a time of harvesting now after ending of the sowing season. so, Lohri is also known as the harvest festival. The harvest season commences every year in the winter season which is the part of the cold season.

The harvest season in Punjab began marked by Lohri festival. Particularly, the festival (Lohri) is celebrated by both the Sikh and Hindu communities in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi.

They celebrate it by lighting a holy bonfire that also signifies passing of the winter solstice. Bonfires, an important part of Lohri festivities. the bonfire is lit by several families and after liting the fire, they dance with famous festival songs like ‘Sundariye Mundariye Ho’, among others.

It is believed that the long nights of winter end after Lohri festival and begins the longest day of summer because the Sun begins its journey to the Northern Hemisphere.
People gather around the bonfire, offer prayers and food to the fire God and also sing dance.