Live telecast: International Yoga Day 21 June 2015 from Rajpath, raining in Delhi


On Sunday dated 21 June, 2015. It is the matter of pride that Yoga day is celebrated in the world. The initiative of India’s PM Narendra Modi, who pitched the idea to the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) in his maiden speech at the annual diplomatic confab in September.
There are so many students reached at Rajpath in the morning and max-max to Max people participated in this ceremony.

Modi’s government has since gone all out to promote the first yoga day, calling its diplomatic corps into service to plan events in more than 190 countries, and releasing print and television advertisements featuring Indian celebrities.

Yoga day 21 June 2015 broadcasting from Rajpath in different channels
Narendra Modi Prime minister Said that Yoga is symbol of Unity. Modi thanked to people for accepting Yoga.

Some yoga gurus say that Yoga is a science.

Modi’s officials tried to make the first yoga day an international spectacle, with events planned from New York to the world’s highest battlefield in the Himalayas

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