Live Ganpati Visarjan Today, Ganpati Immersion in Mumbai, Vadodara and major cities


Today is the lord Ganpati Visarjan in all over India, Now Riddhi Siddhi Vinayak Ganpati Bappa

High alert seen in all major cities like; Mumbai, Vadodara.

Mumbai Gantapati Puja is very famous in Mumbai and specially Bollywood actors celebrate Ganpati Puja.

Story behind Ganpati Puja

There was a Brahmin named Sumant.  His wife Diksha give born a daughter named Sushila. After the death of Diksha Sumant married Karkash, who began to give a lot of trouble to Sushila. Sushila married Kaundinya, and both decided to leave the house to avoid the harassment of the step-mother. On the way they stopped near a river.

Kaundinya went to take bath, and Sushila joined a group of women who were doing worship. They told Sushila that they were worshipping “Anant” (Anant Chaturdashi).

“What kind of worship is this?” Sushila asked. “Anant’s Vow”.

They told her that it was Anant’s vow. Then they explained to her the importance of that vow. Some fried “Gharga” (made of flour) and “Anarase” (special food) are prepared. Half of them have to be given to the Brahmins. A hooded snake (cobra) made of “darbha” (sacred grass) is put in a bamboo basket. Then the snake (“shesh”) is worshiped with scented flowers, oil lamp and incense sticks.