Landed Turkish Airlines plane leafs for Istanbul from Delhi


New Delhi: An Istanbul-bound Turkish Airlines flight from port that landed in emergency conditions in Delhi on weekday following a bomb scare, departed too soon Wed for its destination once being grounded for over thirteen hours.

The flight took off at 0316 hrs from the Gandhi International (IGI) airport, ATC sources aforesaid. The craft with 157 passengers and crew on board had landed at the Delhi airport at 1:34 pm yesterday.

The flight sought-after an aircraft landing once its pilot was conversant a few message scribbled on the mirror of a can with a lipstick warning regarding the presence of a bomb within the cargo deck. “When the craft was in Indian air house close to Nagpur the crew noticed a note spoken language bomb in CGR (cargo).

The crew conversant the pilot who returned bit with the Nagpur traffic Controller who suggested that the craft land in Delhi,” Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey had aforesaid.

The plane was taken to AN isolated space of the airfield once that all a hundred and forty four passengers and 13crew were off-loaded as was their bags that were subjected to security checks.

The Bomb Threat Assessment Committee, a multi-agency body, said, since the threat was “specific”, the conventional drill prescribed for such things was followed as well as questioning of passengers and crew members.