A Journey has started to help someone…

An act of mankind never wasted, how small that doesn’t matters, rightly said and inspired by some young energetic.  A group called “Odisha Pratibha” has started on May 2014 to help needy.  We have planned and started to help backward people like Orphans, Old age, handicapped and mentally challenged people keeping in mind to make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.  We initiated our way by planning to help/donate as much as we can. This group is doing welfare activities on 2nd weekend of every month.

As of now we have visited below organization:-

1. Cheshire Homes India (Old Age Home) visited on 2nd June

2. Makkala Mane (Orphanage) visited on 6th July &17th Aug

3. Adarane Charitable trust (Orphanage) visited on 14th of Sept

4. Swanthana Centre (Mentally & Physically challenged children) visited on 19th of Oct

5. Gerizim Mission a Rehabilitation Trust (Orphanage) visited on 16th of Nov

The core member of Odisha Pratibha are:  Ch Kedar Swami Patro (Initiator), Sambit Patro, Sonia Subudhi, Santosh Subudhi, Rajesh Prusty, Naresh Prusty, Simanchala Gouda, Sameer Mandal, Priyanka, Nikhil Senapati, Kumar Gourab, Saban Subudhi but now there are more than 25 participator and story goes on..