ISRO successfully launches 100 Satellite: PSLV lifted off from Sriharikota, Know about Cartosat-2

ISRO successfully launches 100 Satellite

NEW DELHI: Indian Space Research Organisation‘s (ISRO) PSLV rocket on Friday successfully launched into orbit its 100th satellite “Cartosat 2″, which will provide the exact information across the border and will keep an eye on the border.

The Cartosat 2 satellite was the prominent payload of ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket that lifted off at 9.29 am from Sriharikota of Andhra Pradesh state. The PSLV, carrying India’s 100th satellite along with 30 others, lifted off as scheduled, with a major component that led the previous launch failure to work this time.

“We are a lot glad about the launch. This is a New Year gift to the country,” said ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar.

The “Cartosat 2″ series for earth observation will keep an eye on India’s hostile neighbours. Its clone had been used in 2016 during surgical strikes when army commandos went across the Line of Control (LOC) and targeted terror launching pads in Pakistani territory.

According to scientists, the 710kg satellite provides India exact and huge surveillance capability. Apart from surveillance the borders, it will also cooperate in the town planning of cities. The Cartosat is expected to help monitor and boost data services for coasts, road networks, water distribution, and land-use mapping.

The PSLV also carried satellites from Canada, Finland, France, Republic of Korea, UK and the United States. The total weight of all the 31 satellites carried on-board PSLV-C40 is about 1,323kg.

ISRO’s previous attempt to place Cartosat-2 into orbit in August failed as the PSLV plunged into the Bay of Bengal after lift-off.