HD Deve Gowda was first OBC PM of India: CM Nitish Kumar


Patna: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar told on Saturday to attack as a reply the BJP’s complains that its first OBC Prime Minister, saying Janata Dal president and former PM of India HD Deve Gowda was the first country’s first prime minister who co-operate the Other Backward Classes.

“They are complaining that this is the first OBC Prime Minister, but they don’t know that the first OBC Prime Minister was HD Deve Gowda. There is a difference between belonging to the backward classes and working for their welfare.”
“We have always been saying that the BJP is not anxious about development. They have desire to dispute of all people and divide on the basis of religion and caste in this country.

They only want to contain power .this is their principle and their philosophy.”

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)president Amit Shah had yesterday claimed that only his party can work for the welfare of the backward classes. “The parties which were founded for the welfare of the backward classes are now merely caste based parties.

Other parties can never work for welfare of backward classes besides Bhartiya Janta Party. Bhartiya Janta Party worked for welfare of the backward classes up till.

BJP president Amit shah also said, “The BJP has given maximum OBC Chief Ministers, the party also gave the country its first OBC Prime Minister’’.