Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan directs ration shops to expose central subsidy


NEW DELHI: Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has directed ration shops to expose all information related to Public Distribution System and  the subsidy borne.

“States have been directed to display information regarding PDS on the notice board of all the FPSs (fair price shops) for information of public,” Paswan tweeted.

Paswan also said the economic cost of wheat arrangement is Rs24.09 per kg, while it supplies grains at Rs 2 per kg under the National Food Security Act. The Centre bears a subsidy of Rs 22.09 per kg.

In case of rice, the government suffers a cost of Rs 32.64per kg for arrangement and affords it to each state at Rs 3 per kg for distribution through ration shops.

So, the Central subsidy is Rs 29.64 per kg. The National Food Security Act (NFSA), which has been rolled out across the country, imparts legal entitlement of 5kg of food grains per person per month at Rs 1-3 per kg.